graphics and infographics

Graphics and Infographics

The team here at Tsaks Consulting understand that graphics for bids and tenders are often just as important as what you write. That is why we take the time to introduce innovative graphics and templates to ensure your bid or tender is professionally presented. Our team with work with you to ensure any graphics for bids and tenders we produce are consistent with your existing marketing, as well as to ensure that the meaning and key messages conveyed in your graphics for bids and tenders focus on your key win-themes. 

Tsaks Consulting has extensive experience drafting tenders and bids for Tier-1 and Tier-2 professional services, finance and construction firms across the UK. We know what it takes to produce a quality, consistent document, and will work infographics and graphics for bids and tenders, tables and charts and other graphics into your tender, bid or proposal at your request.

Here at Tsaks Consulting, we understand the importance of using infographics and graphics and how they are critical to the overall presentation of a bid or proposal. On occasion, two products or services applying for the same tender may be similarly priced and provide an almost identical offering. In these situations, often the presentation of the tender or proposal through graphics and infographics can be critical to the overall result.

We service clients across the UK, from London to Glasgow and Dublin. We provide graphic and infographic services remotely, and help clients win more tenders and bids. We have an in-house graphic designer that will serve as an extension of your business – on demand.


  • Graphics

    Our experts will ensure your bid or proposal is presented professionally. Graphics are critical to developing credibility for your proposal. Our team will match your corporate colours to ensure your bid is consistent with your brand.

  • Infographics

    Infographics are a great  way to present complex solutions in a simply and easy to understand graphic. It’s an opportunity to summarise key information and present a solution effectively. Time poor executives often prefer to review infographics rather than reading loads ot text.

  • Templates

    Templates and a consistent design is critical for your bid and for future submissions. Whether you are a plumbing company in London, or a major corporation based in Kent, a good quality template will be useful into the future. Our team will help you create one.

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