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Writing Winning Tenders and Bids

Tsaks Consulting is the leading UK consultancy.

Corporate Writing and Graphics

We draft website content, brochures, newsletters and sales documentation to drive your success. We use graphics to convey solutions to complex problems in a simple and easy to understand manner. 

Bids, Proposals and Tenders

We assist clients throughout the UK to draft PQQs, tenders, bids and proposals to government and private organisations from our London offices. Our expert writers have helped hundreds of businesses write winning bids and tenders. 

Driving Tenders and Bids Success

Tsaks Consulting is one of the leading bid and tender writing consultants in the UK and Europe. We help businesses and organisations draft UK tenders and bids that are compelling, persuasive and effective. Our team of writers will work closely with you to implement strategies and draft content that improves your win rate and presents your organisation in a positive light. We take a holistic approach to bid and tender consulting and ensure you are can focus on core business whilst we produce professional tenders on your behalf.

At Tsaks Consulting, we know taking the extra step and demanding quality is critical to winning a new contract as opposed to producing an unsuccessful submission. Based in London, our services extend across the UK and into Europe, and we help businesses drive tender and bids success throughout Scotland, Ireland and Wales. We are here to help, offer fixed fees for completion of tenders, and will take your tenders, bids and proposals to the next level in order to drive success and business growth.

 Our approachable team of bid and tender writing consultants in the UK, led by principal consultant, Jason Cooney, will provide you with a quote for completion of your bid or tender, part of it, or for conducting a tender review / per review. We have the capacity, capability and experience to deliver.

  • Government Sector Tenders and Bids Completed
  • Private Sector Tenders and Bids Completed

Our Proven Track Record

  • Work to your deadlines

    Our team of tender writers have managed and produced winning UK tenders and bids for organisations and businesses across all industries. We have extensive experience drafting tenders to government departments such as the Crown Commercial Service and Transport for London.

  • Innovative Approach to Tenders and Bids

    Our expert consultants have a specific expertise across a range of industries including defence, medical, insurance, construction, trades, professional services and equipment supply. We know what it takes to draft a successful bid or tender as well as the terminology and language required. 

  • Achieving results

    We have completed over 1000 tenders and bids for companies across a range of industries both in the UK and around the world. Based in London, we  have helped business large and small secure new government and private contracts. 

Our Services

  • Public Sector Tenders

  • PQQ, Bid and Tender Writing

  • Bid Review

  • Grants and Annual Report Writing

  • Standard Selection Questionnaire Writing

  • Inforgraphics and Graphics

  • Additional Writing Services

  • Copywriting (websites and marketing collateral)

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How We Help You Win

  • Identify and Convey Key Win Themes

    Developing and clearly communicating your win themes is critical. For any bid or tender, it’s not enough to simply comply with the requirements and submit a response. We will help you identify what makes you different. We will then ensure these win themes are interwoven throughout the bid or proposal. 

  • Project Manage the Process

    We help and guide you to manage the bid submission process from start to finish. It is critical to stay organised and submit a compelling polished submission. We aren’t just a team of expert writers, we’re project managers as well. We will ensure your bid preparation process runs smoothly.

  • Achieving results

    We integrate graphics and corporate presentation into your submission. Corporate and professional presentation is critical to driving confidence in your bid and credibility for your business. Graphics and infographics are also a useful method to clearly convey complex solutions.


Our bid and tender writing consultants in the UK


Jason Cooney

Jason Cooney is a London Based PQQ and Tender Writing Specialist with extensive experience across the construction, professional services and general services industries. He founded Tsaks Consulting in 2007 and is passionate about winning tenders and bids and delivering results.

Corey Lee

Corey Lee is a highly experienced tender and bid writer. He works closely with clients, is approachable, professional and polished. Corey is passionate about winning his clients new business and enjoys the challenge of drafting complex tenders for large organisations.

Paula Kelly

Paula is a passionate writer with over ten years experience. Her experience extends across the professional services, trades, construction and engineering industries. Paula’s attention to detail is only exceeded by her general knowledge of win themes, graphics
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Our capabilities to service you

  • We service the UK and Europe

    We help businesses across the UK and Europe write tenders, bids and PQQs to secure contracts. Based in London, we service all of the UK including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Glasgow, Southampton, Liverpool, Mewcastle, NOttingham, Sheffield and Bristol. In addition, we have helped organisations prepare and write bids and tenders across Europe including in Berlin, Athens, Moscow, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Vienna, Milan, Barcelona and Thessaloniki. Our expert writing consultants are able to work remotely or attended your offices as required.

  • Industries we service

    Our team of writers have extensive experience writing winning bids in the UK across a broad range of industry sectors. These include Cleaning, Facilities Management, Health and Social Care, Rail, Aviation, Construction and Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Nuclear, Mechanical and Electrical, Catering, Cleaning and Maintenance services, Professional Services and Consultancy, Legal and Professional Services, Defence, Energy, Debt collection / enforcement, Patient Transport Services, Education, Major projects, Construction, Medical and healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Gas, Equipment Supply and Local Government, Building, Road Upgrade works and Housing.

Case Study

We were recently engaged to complete a tender for a major law firm based in London. The firm had considerable in-house tender and bid writing resources which comprised a team of four. Our Director, Jason Cooney, had extensive experience working with Tier-1 law firms in Australia and Asia. Jason implanted himself in the team and worked closely with the bid team to deliver a quality document. Through his previous experience, and insights into best practice from other industries, he refreshed the content and look and feel of the document to include:

  • The introduction of infographics.
  • Development of client focused win-themes.
  • Detailed case studies that clearly articulate clear outcomes.
  • A consistent, active voice writing style throughout the document.

One of the key advantages Jason brought to the process was project management. Being an external consultant, we had more gravitas when dealing with Partners and were able to manage stakeholders and have the difficult conversations with key Partners to ensure the preparation process ran smoothly.

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