Standard Selection Questionnaire Writing

Standard Selection Questionnaire Writing

The Crown Selection Service (CCS) recently released a new refreshed and new selection questionnaire. The selection questionnaire will replace the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ).

The standard selection questionnaire is a critical first step in the procurement process. It is an important first step to reaching the tender evaluation stage of the procurement process.

Key components of Standard Selection Questionnaire Writing

The SQQ is designed to streamline the supplier selection process, particularly for Small and Medium Enterprises. It makes the process easy and efficient. It ensures complete compliance with the European Single Procurement Document (ESDP).

SSQ’s are divided into three distinct parts:

Part 1 – This requests basic company information, generally including name and bidding model, as your entity and entity structure.

Part 2 – In this section you self-certify that you comply with the selection criteria. You need to review the mandatory criteria and ensure that they do not apply to you. You then need to confirm this.

Part 3 – In this question, there are different questions about your capabilities, experience and the services which you are applying to deliver. These are generally simple and easy to complete if you are a specialist in your field.

Where can we assist you?

Our team of expert consultants have completed hundreds of PQQs and Standard Selection Questionnaires for businesses across the UK from UK to Dublin. We know how to navigate these documents and are experienced in completing them for a range of industry sectors. We will work with you to review your submission in detail and ensure that you submit a compliance and engage proposal.

Specific areas where we will provide you support include:

  • Documentation review – We work through and review the full range of documentation including the specifications, framework agreements and other related contract documentation. We will collate all of the salient points and assist you in conducting a bid/no bid decision process.
  • Completion of the questionnaire – Here our team will work with you and your internal stakeholders to complete the questionnaire.

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