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Public Sector Tenders

Our firm is experienced in drafting public sector tenders across all levels of government in the UK. Our staff conduct searches of all public sector registers in the UK and identify the most profitable opportunities for all clients. We also have expert consultants skilled in writing bids, PQQ and tenders, and specialising in public sector tenders.

Our writers come from a mix of private sector and public sector backgrounds, with our Director and Founder, Jason Cooney, specialising in Public Sector tenders. We support small medium and large businesses and organisations and will you tap into the substantial public sector tender market. We understand the expectations in terms of language and content that public sector agencies across the UK have, and therefore, will assist you to draft persuasive tenders that will resonate.

Our service extends to conducting public sector tender searches, in order to assist clients to access public sector tender opportunities.

We are proud that many of our clients utilise this service more effectively over time, as we learn each one of their tendencies and are able to more accurately suggest tenders and other opportunities that we ultimately have a higher chance of winning.

In addition to our searches, we cover all registration fees for all relevant online opportunity portables, saving our clients on additional charges just to search for applicable tenders. We help to save time so that our clients don’t waste theirs on opportunities that have already been fulfilled but still published for transparency purposes.

If you are interested in learning more and saving precious time towards doing the things that you do best, contact us at Tsaks Consulting UK today for an initial consultation and fixed hourly quote.

Allow us to leverage our experience in finding the best opportunities on your behalf so that your next bid application will be a targeted response with a high chance of success.

  • Public Sector Specialists

    Through completing hundreds of public sector tenders, our team have amassed a wealth of experience over all industry sectors. We understand the inner procurement workings and policies of the public sector and have helped with tenders to a range of different government departments. Our consultants will ensure we incorporate the right language and key win themes that appeal to the sector.

  • Round the clock service

    We understand the demands of public sector tenders and bids large and small. When you are serious about winning a bid or contract, you need to apply the appropriate resources. We will deliver you a round the clock service, on a 24/7 basis. With offices in Australia, we also have a team of skilled writers who are able to work on and deliver a document overnight. For major tenders, this is a distinct advantage.

  • Exemplary Outcomes

    We’re committed to delivering you exemplary outcomes. These outcomes include a seamless tender preparation process, robust documentation and quality supporting documentation. We’re committed to helping you win.

  • Innovative Approach

    Innovation is critical to winning contracts. Although procurement documentation is generally standardised, there are range of ways to innovate when developing any submission. Whether it be through creating a video for a large corporation looking to secure a major contract in Birmingham, or winning a small maintenance contract in Birmingham, we will help you ensure your bid is innovative and compelling.

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