bid review

Bid Review

Have you grown despondent in response to your poor results concerning your previous bid applications?

With Tsaks Consulting, we provide a bid review service that assesses your bid application history and essentially critique on all aspects of these failed bids. We combine aspects of a bid review and editing and proofreading for our clients’ convenience, rewriting and reworking the responses for an upcoming tender as necessary. We will provide you insight into what the industry and competitors are doing, as well as what you can do to bring your bids and tenders to the next level and win more business.

Clients can rely on our transparency and professional independence to peruse each of your bid documents used previously and assess what ultimately went wrong. Our appraisal is executed constructively and we aim to recommend and fine-tune your next bid to a perfect level.

Some of our most common errors that we tend to fix are listed below:

• Poor grammar and spelling
• Visually distracting use of graphics and improper formatting
• Use of Colloquial language
• Poor bid time management
• Lack of identification and communication of key win themes
• Failing to differentiate from key competitors

And most importantly, a failure for our clients in answering the questions provided. At Tsaks Consulting, we reiterate on the basics of proper bidding and reinforce all of our expertise and experience for each one of your client’s responses.

We value the importance of your bid history and how best we are able to convey your business or organisation’s characteristics in a positive but accurate perspective.

With our bid review services, we focus on the little things that can be all the difference between being awarded your next contract and a failed outcome.

Call Tsaks Consulting now on + 44 208 080 6545 to discuss your next PQQ, Tender or bid opportunity. We’re here to help, and service all of England, Scotland and Ireland from our offices in London.

  • Step 1 - Review the RFT

    We will review the RFT or RFP documents so we are across the requirements and what you are responding to. This will enable us to ensure your document complies with the criteria and requirements.

  • Step 2 - Check and modify the template and graphics

    We will make sure your template and document fits your existing corporate documentation. We will ensure there is a consistent visual theme throughout your document.

  • Step 3 - Review your response

    We will review the structure and method of your responses. We will provide feedback on where you need to provide more detail or have not provided a comprehensive response. We are able to provide the feedback in the form of comments on the document or a detailed review report.

  • Step 4 - Edit your writing

    This generally makes up the bulk of our work. We will make sure your writing is professional and uses the active voice. We will also edit and revise content where appropriate to ensure it is punchy.

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