Additional Writing Services

Additional Writing Services

Additional Writing Services from our Tender and Bid Writers in England and Scotland

Report Writing Services

We provide a range of report writing servicing including writing and editing annual reports for publicly listed companies. Our report writing services extend to drafting internal reports. 

Editing and Proofing

As tender and bid writers in England and Scotland, we ensure that your next PQQ or bid response is perfect in respect to grammar, writing and formatting. All of our team members have a strong eye for detail – we write bids and tenders on a daily basis – and understand the need to submit a quality response.

We will edit and proof your bid as part of our tender writing service, or on a standalone basis. That means regardless of if you Our team of bid writers both proof read and review your bid response throughout all stages of our bid management process, ensuring that your final submission is free of glaring spelling and grammar mistakes. From the perspective of a procurer, there is nothing more distracting than spotting writing errors when getting to the heart of any bid response and here at Tsaks Consulting, as tender and bid writers in England and Scotland we make sure that this situation does not happen.

Furthermore, we always review tender criteria and incorporate any later addendums in to our clients’ bids whenever applicable.

While the procurer might have an excuse to omit important things until the last minute, our clients do not and we make certain that no requirement is left unfilled throughout our clients’ responses.

In terms of style, our team have devised a standard style guide that is applied to all of our clients’ bids and PQQ when applicable. This guide is designed to conveniently reduce time taken on visuals that while striking and important, do not sway our evaluators when it comes to choosing their preferred tenderer. Our guide has been tested for numerous submissions and we are focused on streamlining our process and making sure that our clients can focus on the competitive differences of their offer against the competition.

Full Proof Review Service

Each PQQ and bid response is reviewed and further evaluated by our in-house bid writers. The first writer will assess the substance of our clients’ responses, ensuring that the criteria has been adequately fulfilled at every possible turn throughout the submission.  We will assess and comment on any additional changes (such as additional proofreading/visual changes/etc). This will ensure the bid is in line with industry best practice. Only then will both our clients and ourselves be confident to submit.

  • We Write Content

    Any content and lots of it. Whether it’s website content, or report writing. We know how to write content that is engaging and persuasive.

  • Reports

    Wether you are preparing an internal report or an annual report for a publicly listed company we are here to help. We’ve been involved in reviewing and editing annual reports and providing the final proof read before they go to print. We know our way around a document and know how to deliver them efficiently and effectively.

  • Proof Reading

    We will review your document and ensure it is error free. We understand the importance of making a professional impression and retaining credibility in everything you do. We will proof read your document and ensure there are not typographical or grammatical errors.

  • SEO and Blog Writing

    When writing online content SEO is critical. Not only do you need to ensure there is enough content. It needs to be well written with headings and be engaging. Your content needs to be something that people will share.

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